My vision on education is based on inspiring students to find their path in their professional life. I have different goals for bachelor, master, PhD and Post-doctoral education and all start with inspiration. For Bachelor level I inspire them to find attractive areas of professional activity and then I coach them to refine their choices. In the Master Level I inspire them to paths of academic or industrial focus and I coach them to a conscious choice for a thesis topic. I give space to experiment and I motivate initiative and independent work to consolidate a choice between academic or industry career. In the doctoral level I inspire them to discover their strengths as researcher and I motivate them to experiment and communicate to peers while working with independence in a well-structured timeline. In Post-doctoral level I inspire them to discovery in science and to mastering their research methods towards new fields of investigation while growing in ability to apply for funding and creating impact through dissemination of their results. In all levels, interpersonal and communication skills are emphasized in combination with development of leadership and connection to societal needs.