Chemical Engineering for Human Health – Course @KU Leuven

The definition of human health is complex and multifaceted. In addition to genetics, the health of individuals is controlled by external and environmental factors, which influence cell metabolism and introduce mutations that lead to numerous diseases such as cancer and allergies or promote healthy states such as caused by pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. Numerous products in common, everyday use are either formulated to specifically influence human health or have an incidental effect. Chemical engineers have an active role in health and well-being creation. In this course, we focus on a chemical engineering perspective of health and how a chemical engineer can create new solutions to current challenges to human health. We aim to motivate the students to think outside of the box and with focus on building bridges of multi and interdisciplinarity. Moreover, we address challenges and opportunities for chemical engineering for health that are of high relevance for the booming cluster of life sciences in Flanders and in Europe. The course has 10 lectures with focus on new trends and future emerging technologies related to functional therapeutics, functional prevention and future processes for health care. The course starts in February.

Lecturers: Pedro Fardim and Erin Koos

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